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Adidas Assita 13 GK Jersey White

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Product Description

The Adidas Assita 13 Goalkeeper Jersey is just for the dedicated goalkeeper.

This keeper jersey is made from climalite® fabric that keeps sweat out of the box and features engineered elbow pads for a soft landing.


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Model : Adidas Assita 13 GK Jersey White , Color : White/Red


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L, M, S, XL

Goalkeeper Gloves. Goalkeeper Kit and Equipment

Goalkeeper gloves, goalie gloves, goalkeeper kit, goalkeeping equipment. Everything for the goalkeeper - welcome to is all about goalkeeping – here to serve the strangest and most unique position in the game of football, and the stranger breed of football player that, by choice or misfortune, finds themselves stuck “between the sticks”.

The sole reason we exist is to cater for the goalkeeper’s needs – bringing great product offering, service, advice – the lot. We try to offer you a great range of goalkeeping brands, so have a good look round our goalkeeping shop.

If you`d like to know more, you can read more about our goalkeeping team here. We’re always delighted to hear from visitors to the website, so please feel free to contact us here for anything you need. And if you’re looking for help or information about how to order, then you’ll find lots of information on our help pages.

And don’t forget to check out our goalkeeping blog - news and comment from the world of goalkeeping, as well as brand new product releases the minute they’re available.

Here are some of the brands we offer.

Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves and kit

Uhlsport - the great German masters of goalkeeping! For as long as most people can remember, uhlsport has been one of the leading global goalkeeping brands. Even with the emergence of Nike and adidas as big players in the goalkeeper glove world, uhlsport have managed to retain a reputation for being a goalkeeping brand that professional goalkeepers wear because of the quality of the goalie uhlsport gloves, rather than because they are paid to. Obviously, we sell the whole uhlsport range. That includes uhlsport Absolutgrip goalkeeper gloves, the massively popular uhlsport Cerberus goalkeeper gloves, and various models of uhlsport finger protection goalkeeper gloves. Check our uhlsport gloves range and feel free to order from our uhlsport gloves goalkeeping on line shop.

Reusch goalkeeper gloves, shirts and pants

Speaking of Germans, more incredibly high quality goalkeeper gloves and goalkeeping products are available at The Goalkeeper Company thanks to Reusch.

Reusch goalkeeper gloves, like uhlsport, have a fully deserved reputation for being just about the best out there. One of the reasons we like Reusch so much is that every season, Reusch seem to be innovating their Reusch goalkeeper glove designs, releasing better and better models, palms, fits – and sometimes risking new ideas that don’t always work, all in the name of staying at the forefront of goalkeeper product production.

HO goalkeeper gloves and clothing

It’s usually hard to match Spanish HO Soccer for flair. HO Soccer offers a superbly designed professional quality goalkeeper glove range, genuinely different from other top goalkeeper glove producers.

That’s not to say that HO gloves compromise on quality, and a huge number of professional goalkeepers wear HO gloves. Helton of Brazil and FC Porto, Portugal internationals Quim and Eduardo, and until recently one of England’s most-capped goalkeepers in history, David James (with his signature HO Pro Mega Roll gloves), have all chosen to wear HO goalkeeper gloves. Check our extended range of Ho gloves, and order them now online.

Kaliaaer goalkeeper gloves

Kaliaaer – one of the most exciting and unique professional quality goalkeeping brands to emerge since Sells was founded at the beginning of the decade. Launched only in Autumn 2008, Kaliaaer goalkeeper gloves have already been featured in a Wembley cup final, been chosen by a growing number of professional goalkeepers in the UK and European football leagues, and have quickly gathered attention for the quality of the goalkeeper glove production as well as highly original design, typically featuring extremely bright colour schemes. Kaliaaer’s flagship goalkeeper glove is probably the Kaliaaer Shok Lock glove model, already hugely popular with many keepers.

Selsport goalkeeper gloves, clothing and equipment

Selsport are now one of the UK’s longest established professional quality goalkeeper glove brands, with a huge number of keepers wearing what are some absolutely classic goalkeeper glove models.

If the long running Selsport goves Wrappa Classic were for some reason discontinued tomorrow, the uproar in the goalkeeper glove community would be immense. Selsport gloves – previously worn by legends like Mark Bosnich, Nigel Martyn and Shakka Hislop – are known as the brand that invented (or at least popularised) the ubiquitous “ribbed backhand” goalkeeper glove model, as seen on the Selsport Wrappa Range (e.g. the Wrappa Classic, the Wrappa Aqua, etc).

What Selsport do so well is producing great quality, excellently constructed goalkeeper gloves that fit superbly well – with glove cuts that have evolved and been perfected each year since Selsport was founded in 1998.

Nike goalkeeper gloves

Nike goalkeeper gloves are the gloves of choice of many of the top professional goalkeepers around the world, including Jens Lehmann, Tim Howard, Victor Valdes, and a large number of others. 

adidas goalkeeper gloves

Edwin Van Der Sar is the leading adidas goalkeeper in the Premier League, wearing adidas goalkeeper gloves, and the brand is endorsed by a large number of goalkeepers at the highest level of the game.

Puma goalkeeper gloves

The Puma brand is worn by Gianluigi Buffon, arguably the world`s most highly rated goalkeeper. We have a great range of Puma goalkeeper gloves, all available to buy online here.

Sells goalkeeper gloves

That’s Sells Goalkeeper Products to be precise.

Sells gloves are generally known as the most popular UK goalkeeping brand at the moment, and according to our customers, that’s well deserved.

Over the last few years Sells gloves have won a huge amount of respect and trust from playing goalkeepers across the world. And yes, it’s the same story at pro level. Even without splashing the cash to pay for top goalkeepers to wear their gloves, as the biggest brands may do, Sells goalkeeper gloves are worn by Ben Foster, Craig Gordon, Paul Robinson, Rob Green, Jersey Dudek, Maik Taylor, Ali Al Habsi, and many others…

Update: at the moment, Sells are unavailable and we aren’t able to supply the brand. We look forward to being able to supply the brand again soon.

Rinat goalkeeper gloves, jerseys and kit

Rinat Soccer – Mexico’s biggest goalkeeping specialist, worn by top level many keepers in South America, including Mexico #1 keeper Oswaldo Sanchez and former Colombia #1 goalie Miguel Calero. We’ve got Rinat goalkeeper gloves and Rinat jerseys aplenty, including the hugely popular Rinat Widow Maker goalkeeper top.

Select goalkeeper gloves

Select – Denmark’s biggest goalkeeping brand, hugely popular in Denmark and in parts of Europe, worn throughout the Danish top flight, including by Denmark international Stefan Anderson, and featured in the Champions League by Karim Zaza of Aab. Select gloves are exclusive in the UK to The Goalkeeper Company. Select gloves are in the top quality list for goalkeeping gloves. See our extended  range of Select gloves and feel free to order them, on line, at the home of goalkeeping - the goalkeeper company.

Reebok Casillas goalkeeper gloves

Reebok goalkeeper gloves, as worn by one of the world’s best goalkeepers Iker Casillas of Real Madrid – Iker Casillas goalkeeper gloves to buy online here. The Casillas gloves (Reebok Valde 100 goalkeeper gloves) were released by Reebok in January 2009. Since then, Casillas gloves were one of the most wanted gloves for professional and amateur goalkeepers around the globe.

Lotto goalkeeper gloves

Lotto goalkeeper gloves, as worn by Roma goalkeeper and Brazil international Alexander Doni.

Stanno goalkeeper gloves

Stanno goalkeeping equipment – highly popular goalkeeping brand in Holland, worn by Dutch top flight keepers. Stanno goalkeeper gloves feature Stanno Profi Foam, which Stanno believe is among the best performance latex foam palms in existence.

Fingersave goalkeeper gloves

Finger protection goalkeeper gloves, offering the keeper hand protection from dangerous shots, have become very popular in recent years. We’re a bit biased against them... Well, Gordon Banks just wore some old gardening gloves didn’t he??

But we’ve got a great range of fingersave goalkeeper gloves (“fingersafe gloves” as some people call them) – Reusch finger protection gloves, uhlsport finger protection, Selsport fingersave gloves, and so on. So you make up your own minds…

Junior Goalkeeper Gloves

Kids goalkeeper gloves: we know that the future of football is all about the juniors playing the game today, out there every week, often in diabolical conditions, diving around in the mud like a Daz Ultra advert-maker’s dream. Junior goalkeeper gloves today are pretty much as good as the professional goalkeeper gloves available to adults – and why shouldn’t they be. Here you’ll find Reusch junior goalkeeper gloves, uhlsport junior goalkeeper gloves, Selsport kids goalkeeper gloves, Sells junior goalkeeper gloves, and child’s goalkeeper gloves from all the other top brands.

Cheap Goalkeeper Gloves!

First, to dispel a myth: discount goalie gloves are not just for the cheapskate. Every keeper has a need for low-priced goalkeeper gloves. Many keepers continue to take old pairs of gloves to training with cracked up, muddy, hard and basically terrible grip. Why? We’ve usually got goalie gloves on sale for as cheap as £10.00. And not just the bottom of the basket rubbish you get in big high street sports shops. OK maybe a year or two out of fashion, but pro quality discount goalkeeper gloves on sale here!

Goalkeeper Kit. Goalkeeper Shirts. Goalkeeper Clothing

Goalkeeper kit is often neglected in favour of more exciting models of gloves. But we’re doing our best to source goalkeeper kit from all over the world, to bring a bit more excitement into this currently sleepy part of goalkeeping.

The goalkeeper shirt - the right goalkeeper shirt can change a game. Sometimes, the right keeper shirts have even changed a career. (See the incomparable Jorge Campos). We’re big fans of bright goalie tops, illuminous coloured goalkeeper shirts, loud keeper clothing, and call on all brands to give us more of that sort of thing. Nonetheless, one of the best shirts ever is probably Lev Yashin’s black goalkeeper top.

Goalkeeper pants, or goalkeeper trousers. Goalie bottoms. Same thing. Yep, got them. Padded goalkeeper shorts too.

It’s our privilege to be involved in the world of goalkeeping, serving keepers from the junior, amateur, Sunday league and semi pro level, right through to the professional game - throughout the world.

Thanks for shopping guys - hope you enjoy it!!